Shantena J. Fleming

Radical Educator

Personal Chef | Caterer | Culinary Educator

With an unwavering love for the art of cooking, Shantena carved a path in the culinary world that's as diverse as her flavors. As a personal chef, she crafts exquisite dishes that are more than just meals – they're experiences that tantalize the taste buds and warms the soul.

Shantena’s culinary journey extends to catering, where she creates memorable events through food, ensuring every bite is a moment to savor. But her commitment doesn't stop there; she’s embarked on a mission to share her culinary expertise with others.  

Online or in-person, whether in the heart of the community or within structured school settings, Chef Shantena teaches culinary classes that empower individuals to create, innovate, and nourish themselves and those around them. In. 2022, she began teaching culinary classes at the Institute of Music for Children. Her dedication to culinary arts is underlined by her two degrees from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts– one in culinary arts and another in nutrition. Currently, Shantena’s on an inspiring quest to become a pastry chef, expanding her culinary horizons.

But her story doesn't end with cooking; it begins with the intersection of food, community, and compassion. Shantena’s journey from a background in marketing and social services unveiled an urgent need for better nutrition in underserved areas. This realization fueled her culinary passion further. Armed with determination and passion, she went on and enrolled at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. After Chef Shantena graduated with a degree in culinary arts, she embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure and founded her catering business, Open Palate, that not only satisfies taste buds but also gives back to the community.

Shantena is a chef, a teacher, a nutritionist, and a culinary artist. In her words, “I'm here to make a difference, one dish, one class, and one community at a time”. Together, let's savor the journey of culinary exploration and social impact.