STEAM URBAN collaborates with green spaces, schools, and community organizations in Black and Brown areas to provide dynamic and healing programmatic offerings that will begin to eradicate educational disparities, connect and uplift community members and expand community resources. Working with students of all ages and seeing everyone’s humanity strengthens the community thread and creates brave, collective, and collaborative spaces.

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STEAM URBAN uses an Anti-Racist, STEAM-disciplined, Healing-centered, and Culturally Responsive approach for teaching and learning to address three broad topic areas: Environmental Justice, Social Justice, & Educational Equity.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is at the forefront of STEAM URBAN’s educational framework because the poor and marginalized communities we serve have been unfairly exposed to great harms associated with resource extraction, hazardous waste, and other land misuses. Climate change will impact the least of us first, and these injustices must be addressed with our youth so that future generations can inherit a healthy world.

Social Justice

The key to combat social injustices, or the unequal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society, lies in valuing and affirming Black and Brown students. STEAM URBAN’s social justice framework for learning is engaging, challenges students to action, and encourages the students to practice and develop their skills through choice and voice, community collaboration, and Expressive Arts.

Educational Equity

STEAM URBAN believes that all students should have access to the same resources and opportunities in education. Using a student-centered approach, STEAM URBAN’s framework for teaching identifies and nurtures each students' unique cultural strengths to promote achievement and a sense of well-being about the student's cultural place in the world. Students are encouraged to take risks, learn by trial and error, and be unashamed of mistakes, knowing that the Radical Educator is there to guide and facilitate their learning.

A Healing Sanctuary

A Healing Sanctuary is a transformative neighborhood food garden stewarded by STEAM URBAN with a focus on healing the community.

Our mentions

STEAM Urban Founder PBS

See how Fallon Davis, STEAM URBAN founder, redefines what it means to be a community leader; as a passionate radical educator.

Our supporters

"Great work. Absolutely awesome. These boxes are amazing. The performance was breathtaking. The activities were engaging. The energy was fantastic. The gifts were thoughtful. Love you so much!!! Great work again."

Jason Thigpen

Parent, Board Member

"Being a part of your team has allowed me to develop my own ideas for DEIB-related activities and outreach in the next phase of my career, and focus on underrepresented communities in science. Thank you all so much for the amazing opportunity."

Justin Bernstein

Radical Educator

"In just a short time STEAM URBAN has made a big impact in Newark through offering engaging, hands-on programming and a firm commitment to improving the educational experience of black and brown students..."

Virginia Lamb

Founder, Groundwork Education and Consulting

"STEAM URBAN is a ONE Stop Resource, whether indoors or outside…In a greenspace be it at a Park, a Community Garden a playground or a community block gathering. STEAM URBAN offers programs/Sessions that are Multi –Generational and inclusive. STEAM URBANs work has impacted me ..."

Donna Kirkland

Trust for Public Land & United Parks As One

“STEAM URBAN is exactly the kind of program we need in Newark. It’s a program that removes barriers, offering kids who live in Newark a critical glimpse into the magical world of the sciences and the arts. It is a wonderful program that I am proud to support and one that I hope you will pledge to support as well.”

Daryl Stewart

Artist & Educator

Innovative educational experiences to under-resourced communities

We need our communities to be beautiful, vibrant, healthy, and self-sustainable. That is why we created safe spaces to help students explore the endless possibilities they have for their futures, and give them a voice and platform to be valued and protected virtually and in person.

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Educational Equity

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Social Justice

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Environmental Justice

Our programs are designed for the development of our communities

Come out to our incredible events that cultivate community in oururban schools, parks, gardens, andfarms. From leadership and professional development programs to interactive afterschool workshops, we're improving our community.

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