Rashidah A. Nelson

Radical Educator

Rashidah A. Nelson is a costume designer, sewing/designinstructor and mother of 1.

Fortunate to have a tribe that has encouraged and supported her journey as an artist since childhood, Rashidah has had the privilege to live and exist with a sense of gratitude and joy that propels her to inspire her students and community to do the same.

Rashidah began her career in fashion design over 20 years ago, but about 10 years ago, her longtime obsession with theater jolted her into the life of costume design and occasional set design. She has worked She received her BFA in Theater Production at Montclair State University in May 2024 and is the owner of Brick City Stitch.

Rashidah currently works a theatrical stitcher for RWS, Elan Artists and Norwegian Cruise Lines, is an Artist in Residence at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts and in constant design mode for various theaters/production companies.

Big picture involves creating a theater company, backstagetraining program to introduce more folks of color to tech positions in theater and sustainable children’s wear line.