Kween Moore

Board Member

Kween Moore is a curator, interdisciplinary artist, poet, and arts educator serving Newark and surrounding communities. A creative force, Kween Moore has served as a photographer, stage host and performer at the annual Lincoln Park Music Festival and other events around the city of Newark. Kween Moore's "Black Girls Dream" mural concept was selected as the inaugural mural at the Lincoln Park Gallery Without Walls location.

In 2022, Kween Moore served as one of the lead muralists at Lincoln Park Gallery Without Walls’ expanded public art initiatives and work closely with Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District to program the inaugural location.  As the founder and owner of Femme Curator Arts (2016-) and Urban Creative Arts Workshops (2009), Moore explores culture connectivity in urban environments throughout the world while focusing on art history and the African Diaspora. A notable academic in her field, Moore is working to move the city forward through creative arts, public policy, and bringing community together.

Moores’ creative practice provides commitment her community through arts programming and culture with a healing component. She organizes public arts workshops for children and adults. In 2016, she founded Femme Curator Arts, a collective that organizes women-led exhibitions, public art projects and spoken word events for organizations that include Newark Arts, Newark Public Schools, Newark Riverfront Park, and the Lincoln Park Music Festival.

As part of her community impact initiatives, Kween has also traveled with NJ4Haiti a mission organization, providing arts education and relief work in Haiti. Moore also serves as a Newark LGBTQIA+ Commissioner for the past four years as well as an advisory board member for The Newark Museum of Art, a current board member of STEAM Urban Arts Education. Moore’s countless dedication to her community through the arts has created a trusting rapport with all she connects and created with.

Moore has successfully demonstrated her ability to create and inspire others through the arts around the world.  As a public-school visual arts educator, Moore has helped her students learn to communicate with their peers through the arts as well as providing outside opportunities and projects.