Halashon "Hala" Sianipar

Board Member

Halashon “Hala” Sianipar is motivated by connection and the power of community. It could be neighbors talking on the block, friends making plans together or computer programs sending data back and forth. It’s about the energy and creativity of interaction. Professionally, Hala has been working as a software engineer for about 20 years. He has experience in quality assurance, systems engineering, and software development of integrated software systems. He was formerly a high school math teacher in Newark and tutors math on the side.

Hala enjoys organizing in his community. He worked to revive the block club and is one of the main organizers of the block party. He is also involved in the PTO at his kids’ school. Some of his earliest organizing experiences were playing in bands and hosting open mics. Being a part of Steam Urban is an opportunity to incorporate those experiences and interact with his kids and community in a new, creative way.