Fallon Davis, M.Ed.

CEO, President & Treasurer

Fallon Davis is a non-binary visionary, vegan, radical educator, creative scientist, philanthropist, and true activist for changing the lives of Black and Brown individuals. As a pioneer in queer fashion, developing the first masculine of center fashion show movement and Queer Fashion Week in the world they understand what it takes to have a vision and stick to it despite any adversity’s life throws their way. Fallon’s long-term vision has always involved changing society, changing policies, and changing the systemic disparities black and queer POC folks face. They obtained their Master’s in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction and a dual concentration in Equity, Equality, and Justice and S.T.E.A.M. Currently Co-Founder, CEO, & President of STEAM URBAN they are putting their Black body, Black voice, Black mind, and Black soul on the line daily for their community.