Christian Rodriguez

Board Member

Christian Rodriguez, a proud New Jersey native from the Ironbound section of Newark, is deeply involved in community organizing with the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC). At ICC, they lead Down Bottom Farms, an urban farming endeavor, focusing on regenerative farming practices that prioritize sustainability and soil health. Christian works tirelessly to promote food justice, Black and queer liberation, and sustainable agriculture, guided by principles of Just Transition and community organizing.

In addition to their role at ICC, Christian spearheads the creation of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in collaboration with local growers in Newark. This initiative aims to provide fresh, locally grown produce to residents while supporting and empowering small-scale farmers in the community. By promoting regenerative farming practices and fostering partnerships with local growers through CSA Programs, Christian seeks to build a resilient and equitable food system that benefits both urban residents and agricultural producers.

Christian's advocacy extends beyond local efforts to supporting grassroots movements and participating in clean-air marches, highlighting their dedication to social justice and environmental sustainability. Beyond their community work, Christian finds joy in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, rollerblading, and biking. Alongside their wife, Trish, they also devote time to coaching youth baseball in Newark, further contributing to the well-being and development of their community.