Our goal is to raise $500,000

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Help us abolish educational inequities!

Our Education System has Failed Black and Brown Children Time and Time Again. STEAM URBAN aims to dismantle educational inequities through our STEAM FOR EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE FRAMEWORK.

Our Programming
  • All of our programming is FREE and includes necessary supplies and resources!
  • All of our Radical Educators are masters of their crafts or aspire to be!
  • ALL programming is catered to black and brown students of all ages!

What We Need

To create our own curriculums, provide our communities with adequate resources, and bring the best leaders to our children, we need help. We need support from people, organizations, and communities who believe that working together will make a change! Let us amplify our efforts in bringing expressive arts and S.T.E.M education to the black community.

The $500,000 is for:
  • Fundraising:campaign and events
  • Staffing and training 
  • Administrative costs
  • Supplies and materials
  • Research & development 
  • Virtual learning platform 
  • After school, week-end, and summer programming
Supporting Our Organization
  • $25.00 Sponsor 1 student
  • $50.00 Sponsor 2 students
  • $75.00 Sponsor 3 students
  • $100.00 Sponsor 4 students for (3) weeks of programming
  • $300.00 Sponsor 12 students for (3) weeks of STEAM Programming
  • $500.00 Sponsor a Radical Educator
  • $1,000.00 Sponsor 30 students for (3) weeks of STEAM Programming

*These are suggested donation amounts, we are grateful for all support! Thank you!