Meet the team

Sven Salvador

Radical Educator

Sven Salvador, founder of Queer Counter Kulture, holds a Master’s in Education.Sven’s journey into real estate and regeneration started as an urban educator. In their 8 years as an urban educator they saw the direct effects of school, social, environmental, and food injustices, as well as a lack of safe queer spaces for students and the greater community. Sven hopes to inspire others to realize their potential and power in order to better steward their environment and community. They are dedicated to serving marginalized communities and making sustainable building and practices accessible and affordable for all in order to help create more inclusive and diverse communities. Many of these directives pair with Sven's representation as a team member of Streamlined Properties On-Market, brokered by eXp Realty. As an urban educator and founder of Queer Counter Kulture they work to combat Food, Housing, and Environmental Justices. Collectively, with the help of students, local artists, organizations, and community members, they started creating queer-safe spaces and teaching queer inclusivity in the classroom.