Meet the team

Meliq K. August

Radical Educator

As an artist, educator, and community organizer- for almost the past decade, Meliq August has been studying with and about Afro-Indigenous diasporic identities at the crossroads of their own lived experience. As a Black, queer, trans, non-binary person they actively continue to traverse the journey of finding joy and peace at all their intersections. Meliq has engaged in decolonizing within self through restorative justice practices with several community elders that has been reflected in working, creating, and studying with the youth, Black women, and BIQTPOC* of all identities. Formerly an expat living in Brooklyn from 2015-2019, they have hosted, curated, and created a series of multi-medium art and art centered projects and events. Moving back to their hometown in North Bergen, New Jersey in 2019, Meliq is has continued to connect with well respected earth workers, artists, and educators alike in North Jersey and New York  navigating towards the continued journey of creating accessible, revolutionary education within historically marginalized communities