Meet the team

Mancoba Hlatshwako

Radical Educator

My name is Mancoba Hlatshwako, I am 32 years old and a citizen of the Kingdom of eSwatini, also known as Swaziland. I am the founder and director of Sani Farms. My passion for sustainable agriculture began as a child, when I worked with my father Sani on our family homestead. We raised animals and grew crops using permaculture techniques. Over the years, I continued working in various agricultural projects, including one that I helped start to provide economic and vocational opportunities to citizens in eastern eSwatini.

These experiences led me to return to my home village of Bhunya to start Sani Farms, which is named after my father. We not only grow fresh, organic produce, but also demonstrate and teach permaculture practices to Swazi farmers and home growers. These practices help farmers to be more resource and cost-efficient in their work, while minimizing their carbon footprint. Organic agricultural skills will continue to be even more important in fighting the effects of climate change and resource insecurity in southern Africa. My hope is to be part of a broader movement in promoting sustainable lifestyles across not only Africa, but the entire world.